That's what he said.

The Physician's Burden

Fri, 08/05/2011 - 10:24 -- Doug

I wrote this a few days ago after "losing" an argument with a mom who didn't want to vaccinate her child.


The Physician's Burden

While you were sleeping,
I ran seven miles.

You had sausage.
I asked for oats.

You watched TV.
I worked on my math.

The concert you saw
was so loud
that I heard it
from the library.

You dated.
I studied.
You partied.
I planned.

You took out a loan
for a starter home,
While I traded debt
for knowledge.

I trained my mind to understand
biology, physiology,
chemistry and statistics--
to see if I could ease
human pain and suffering.

Alcoholics and junkies
taught you morality on the radio.

I turned late nights
and hard work
into new ideas
and tools to save the world.

You took medical advice
from a stripper.

I begged you not to listen.
And you were right to question.
But why did you stop?

I held your daughter’s hand last night
In the hospital as she wept.

I never wanted to be right.